OA LodgeMaster Users,

The OA LodgeMaster Team is excited to announce the immediate release of version 4.5.1! This release includes 25 improvements and corrects 82 bugs. The release also includes 3 new major features - the final pieces of the induction module and all related automated emails, member portal features for new members and brotherhood candidates, and the full release of the member portal for use by all members including membership cards and email unsubscribe links. For lodges who requested offline access, this version includes an update to the offline Lodge Client. 

Inductions Module

Member Portal

  • Added a New Member Journey and Brotherhood Journey to the member portal for candidates. The New Member Journey will automatically be available for new Ordeal members who have completed their Ordeal and are not yet eligible to complete their Brotherhood. New members eligible to complete their Brotherhood will see the new Brotherhood Journey. Lodges can add custom steps to the New Member and Brotherhood Journeys from Inductions Setup. The existing content from JumpStart has been included in the new journeys.
  • For Brotherhood eligible candidates the member portal will promote upcoming events where brotherhood is being offered. Brotherhood candidates will see details of the event and a link to register.
  • Digital membership cards! We have added digital membership cards to the member portal for all Arrowmen. Visit the Update Your Profile page to download your membership card!
  • In addition to membership cards, we have added additional profile information to the member portal. Arrowmen can now see their current dues status, unit and chapter information, and their level information.
  • Email unsubscribe links! Arrowmen can now unsubscribe from lodge emails on their own with a link included in the footer of every email. Lodge Administrators will no longer need to manually unsubscribe Arrowmen from emails.
  • A new bulk invite function has been added to the member grid to allow lodge administrators to bulk invite their members to the member portal.

Thank you to everyone who has submitted feature requests - just in this release and the May online updates we completed 6 feature requests with 114 votes.

A full list of bug fixes and improvements can be found on the LodgeMaster Documentation site. Go to to access the online Lodge Client, view documentation, submit support, and feature requests. 

Yours in Brotherhood,

The OA LodgeMaster Team

What If I Have Questions? 

 Please submit a ticket on the help desk if you have any questions. You can submit a ticket online ( or via email at Please do not contact a member of the LodgeMaster team directly. 

Release Notes for Version 4.5.1

Ticket ID






Release Date


OALMLC-1813Common - Grid LabelsDon't Print United States On LabelsBugClosedOALM 4.5.1-108/27/2020Fixed
OALMLC-1834Email - Email ManagerDefault Contact Types With Numeric Not SetBugClosedOALM 4.5.1-412/02/2020Fixed
OALMLC-1788Email - Server TasksBounced Email Digest MessagesBugClosedOALM 4.5.1-108/27/2020Fixed
OALMLC-1901Email - Server TasksScheduled Emails Sending Before Send Date / TimeBugClosedOALM 4.5.105/24/2021Fixed
OALMLC-1852Events - Attendee ManagerEvent Check In Buttons DisappearBugClosedOALM 4.5.1-512/07/2020Fixed
OALMLC-1976Events - Attendee ManagerIncrease Field Length For Dietary Restrictions FieldImprovementClosedOALM 4.5.105/24/2021Fixed
OALMLC-1913Events - Event ManagerAfter Event Delete Modal Remains OpenBugClosedOALM 4.5.1-1202/21/2021Fixed
OALMLC-1940Events - Event SetupHitting Enter Event Editor Does Not Save ChangesBugClosedOALM 4.5.1-1504/20/2021Fixed
OALMLC-1855Events - Graduation WizardsWizard Grid Load ErrorBugClosedOALM 4.5.1-712/10/2020Fixed
OALMLC-1835Events - ServiceService Hours Wizard Unauthorized ErrorBugClosedOALM 4.5.1-412/02/2020Fixed
OALMLC-1799InductionsLodge Config Election Offset Not HonoredBugClosedOALM 4.5.1-108/27/2020Fixed
OALMLC-1800InductionsMax Length Exceeded For Decline ReasonBugClosedOALM 4.5.1-108/27/2020Fixed
OALMLC-1801InductionsCase Error on BallotsBugClosedOALM 4.5.1-108/27/2020Fixed
OALMLC-1811InductionsAdd Unit City To Induction ModuleBugClosedOALM 4.5.1-108/27/2020Fixed
OALMLC-1814InductionsInductions Defaults To Incorrect YearBugClosedOALM 4.5.1-108/27/2020Fixed
OALMLC-1825InductionsPrevent Duplicate BSA IDs When Adding CandidatesImprovementClosedOALM 4.5.1-812/31/2020Fixed
OALMLC-1826InductionsTypos In Induction EmailsBugClosedOALM 4.5.1-210/12/2020Fixed
OALMLC-1827InductionsElection Recap Message UpdateBugClosedOALM 4.5.1-210/12/2020Fixed
OALMLC-1843InductionsParent Email Shown In Scout Email Field On Candidate Info ReportBugClosedOALM 4.5.1-412/02/2020Fixed
OALMLC-1845InductionsCan’t Clear Chapter ContactBugClosedOALM 4.5.1-412/02/2020Fixed
OALMLC-1854InductionsInductions Emails Send IssuesBugClosedOALM 4.5.1-712/10/2020Fixed
OALMLC-1856InductionsInductions Email Greeting Line IncorrectBugClosedOALM 4.5.1-712/10/2020Fixed
OALMLC-1860InductionsAdd Age Identifier To Induction Email ContactsImprovementClosedOALM 4.5.1-1001/30/2021Fixed
OALMLC-1862InductionsAdd Min/Max Dates To Induction Communication SetupImprovementClosedOALM 4.5.1-1001/30/2021Fixed
OALMLC-1865InductionsAdd Online Form To Request Election & Update Induction EmailsImprovementClosedOALM 4.5.1-812/31/2020Fixed
OALMLC-1867InductionsAdd Ability To Import Eligible Youth To ElectionImprovementClosedOALM 4.5.1-812/31/2020Fixed
OALMLC-1869InductionsMake Address Optional For Election Eligible YouthImprovementClosedOALM 4.5.1-812/31/2020Fixed
OALMLC-1870InductionsUnit Request Portal Year Incorrect In TextBugClosedOALM 4.5.1-901/04/2021Fixed
OALMLC-1872InductionsSpelling Issues On Unit Scheduling FormBugClosedOALM 4.5.1-901/04/2021Fixed
OALMLC-1873InductionsInductions DOB Validation IncorrectBugClosedOALM 4.5.1-901/04/2021Fixed
OALMLC-1877InductionsOA Promotion Field Value Not Saving When Scheduling ElectionBugClosedOALM 4.5.1-901/04/2021Fixed
OALMLC-1879InductionsAdd Online Submission Process For Eligible YouthImprovementClosedOALM 4.5.1-1504/20/2021Fixed
OALMLC-1882InductionsUpdate Induction Emails For Temporary Requirement ChangeImprovementClosedOALM 4.5.1-1001/30/2021Fixed
OALMLC-1883InductionsUnit Visitations Awaiting Posting Shows Current DayBugClosedOALM 4.5.1-1001/30/2021Fixed
OALMLC-1888InductionsTypo In Election Scheduling Confirmation EmailBugClosedOALM 4.5.1-1001/30/2021Fixed
OALMLC-1890InductionsAdd Unit Identifier to Elections EmailsImprovementClosedOALM 4.5.1-1001/30/2021Fixed
OALMLC-1897InductionsFuture Date Field Can't Always Be EditedBugClosedOALM 4.5.1-1001/30/2021Fixed
OALMLC-1898InductionsTypo In Election Preparation ReminderBugClosedOALM 4.5.1-1001/30/2021Fixed
OALMLC-1902InductionsElection Recap Message TypoBugClosedOALM 4.5.1-1202/21/2021Fixed
OALMLC-1907InductionsChange Brotherhood Class Label In Brotherhood EmailBugClosedOALM 4.5.1-1202/21/2021Fixed
OALMLC-1908InductionsDon't Send Scheduling Confirmation Email For Past DatesBugClosedOALM 4.5.1-1102/07/2021Fixed
OALMLC-1910InductionsUsers With Inductions Module Permissions Get Permission Denied ErrorBugClosedOALM 4.5.1-1202/21/2021Fixed
OALMLC-1912InductionsElection Announcement Future Date FilterBugClosedOALM 4.5.1-1202/21/2021Fixed
OALMLC-1919InductionsTime Incorrect On Candidate Letter ReportBugClosedOALM 4.5.1-1303/09/2021Fixed
OALMLC-1920InductionsChange Send Date For Announced Elections To Day AfterBugClosedOALM 4.5.1-1303/09/2021Fixed
OALMLC-1923InductionsBlank Options When Filtering Visit GridBugClosedOALM 4.5.1-1403/30/2021Fixed
OALMLC-1932InductionsPrevent Election Prep. Reminders For Declined UnitsBugClosedOALM 4.5.1-1403/30/2021Fixed
OALMLC-1936InductionsChapter References In Brotherhood Congrats EmailBugClosedOALM 4.5.1-1604/21/2021Fixed
OALMLC-1937InductionsDisable Election Prep Emails For Units With Visit OnlyBugClosedOALM 4.5.1-1504/20/2021Fixed
OALMLC-1938InductionsUnit Regular Follow-up Not Sending To All Available UnitsBugClosedOALM 4.5.1-1504/20/2021Fixed
OALMLC-1939InductionsUnit Election Recap Email Replacement IssueBugClosedOALM 4.5.1-1504/20/2021Fixed
OALMLC-1941InductionsOrdeal Registration Email Wrong Signature NamesBugClosedOALM 4.5.1-1504/20/2021Fixed
OALMLC-1949InductionsExclude Adults From Regular Unit Follow-up MessageImprovementClosedOALM 4.5.105/24/2021Fixed
OALMLC-1950InductionsAdd Adult Approval PermissionImprovementClosedOALM 4.5.1-1705/11/2021Fixed
OALMLC-1951InductionsAdd Grid Export For Adult NominationsImprovementClosedOALM 4.5.1-1705/11/2021Fixed
OALMLC-1953InductionsCan't Permanently Delete Member Who Has Induction / Election DataBugClosedOALM 4.5.1-1604/21/2021Fixed
OALMLC-1964InductionsFix Mobile Breakpoints In Election & Adult GridsBugClosedOALM 4.5.1-1705/11/2021Fixed
OALMLC-1965InductionsDeclined Election Included In Awaiting Scheduling EmailsBugClosedOALM 4.5.1-1705/11/2021Fixed
OALMLC-1966InductionsCongrats Emails Including Non-Inductions EventsBugClosedOALM 4.5.1-1705/11/2021Fixed
OALMLC-1973InductionsTypo In Election Recap MessageBugClosedOALM 4.5.1-1705/11/2021Fixed
OALMLC-1975InductionsImplement Brotherhood Journey GameImprovementClosedOALM 4.5.105/24/2021Fixed
OALMLC-1838InventoryUnable To Delete Inventory ItemBugClosedOALM 4.5.1-412/02/2020Fixed
OALMLC-1815Members - BSA Verification & ToolsAdd Error Message To Batch BSA Verification For OverridesBugClosedOALM 4.5.1-108/27/2020Fixed
OALMLC-1820Members - BSA Verification & ToolsBSA Verification API Internal Server ErrorBugClosedOALM 4.5.1-210/12/2020Fixed
OALMLC-1837Members - BSA Verification & ToolsBSA Verification Times Out After 230 SecondsBugClosedOALM 4.5.1-512/07/2020Fixed
OALMLC-1952Members - BSA Verification & ToolsBSA Verification Output Not DisplayedBugClosedOALM 4.5.1-1604/21/2021Fixed
OALMLC-1972Members - BSA Verification & ToolsBSA Verification Shows Inactive Registration StatusBugClosedOALM 4.5.1-1705/11/2021Fixed
OALMLC-1805Members - Grid Views & ReportingUnit Sorting Different In MembersBugClosedOALM 4.5.1-108/27/2020Fixed
OALMLC-1816Members - Grid Views & ReportingAdd Member Portal Status Column To Member GridImprovementClosedOALM 4.5.1-210/12/2020Fixed
OALMLC-1806Members - Member EditorPrevent Setting Lodge Email as PrimaryBugClosedOALM 4.5.1-108/27/2020Fixed
OALMLC-1851Members - Member EditorUnable to Add Position RecordsBugClosedOALM 4.5.1-512/07/2020Fixed
OALMLC-1876Members - Member EditorUpdate Member Level Validation For Covid-19 Two Year Induction RuleBugClosedOALM 4.5.1-901/04/2021Fixed
OALMLC-1914Members - Member EditorProblem Saving Unlinked UnitBugClosedOALM 4.5.1-1202/21/2021Fixed
OALMLC-1933Members - Member EditorCan't Edit For Certain Positions In Member EditorBugClosedOALM 4.5.1-1403/30/2021Fixed
OALMLC-1848Members - OtherLodge Key-3 Update Modal On MobileBugClosedOALM 4.5.1-412/02/2020Fixed
OALMLC-1931Members - OtherUser Account & Member Portal Member Change HistoryBugClosedOALM 4.5.1-1403/30/2021Fixed
OALMLC-1829Members - Static ReportsAdd Email Location Column To Individual History ReportBugClosedOALM 4.5.1-210/12/2020Fixed
OALMLC-1831Members - Static ReportsIndividual History Lists Events Member Isn't Checked In ForBugClosedOALM 4.5.1-210/12/2020Fixed
OALMLC-1832Members - Static ReportsAdd Activate 2020 ReportImprovementClosedOALM 4.5.1-310/15/2020Fixed
OALMLC-1866Members - Static ReportsChapter Information Report Shows Archived ChaptersBugClosedOALM 4.5.1-901/04/2021Fixed
OALMLC-1402Portal - MembersDues Lookup & Member Data UpdateImprovementClosedOALM 4.5.105/24/2021Fixed
OALMLC-1404Portal - MembersAutomate Account CreationImprovementClosedOALM 4.5.105/24/2021Fixed
OALMLC-1409Portal - MembersEmail Unsubscribe AbilityImprovementClosedOALM 4.5.105/24/2021Fixed
OALMLC-1411Portal - MembersNew Member Orientation TasksImprovementClosedOALM 4.5.105/24/2021Fixed
OALMLC-1413Portal - MembersSelf-Print For Membership CardsImprovementClosedOALM 4.5.105/24/2021Fixed
OALMLC-1802Portal - MembersMember Portal Calendar Timezone IncorrectBugClosedOALM 4.5.1-108/27/2020Fixed
OALMLC-1804Portal - MembersContact Form Should Send To Lodge Emails If AvailableBugClosedOALM 4.5.1-108/27/2020Fixed
OALMLC-1812Portal - MembersFix Zip Code Saving Format In Member PortalBugClosedOALM 4.5.1-108/27/2020Fixed
OALMLC-1817Portal - MembersOnly Show Member's Chapter Events By DefaultImprovementClosedOALM 4.5.1-210/12/2020Fixed
OALMLC-1828Portal - MembersMember Portal Calendar Incorrectly Labels Lodge Wide EventsBugClosedOALM 4.5.1-210/12/2020Fixed
OALMLC-1841Portal - MembersOrdeal Journey Doesn't Follow Multi-Year ConfigBugClosedOALM 4.5.1-412/02/2020Fixed
OALMLC-1863Portal - MembersMember Homepage Shows Incorrect Journey PercentageBugClosedOALM 4.5.1-901/04/2021Fixed
OALMLC-1917Portal - UnitsRequire Different Dates For Unit Election RequestBugClosedOALM 4.5.1-1303/09/2021Fixed
OALMLC-1935SettingsPrevent Adding Position With No NameBugClosedOALM 4.5.1-1403/30/2021Fixed
OALMLC-1956SettingsFix Chapter Merge To Handle New Induction DataBugClosedOALM 4.5.1-1604/21/2021Fixed
OALMLC-1818UnitsPhone Numbers Are Not Synced For Unit Contacts From BSAImprovementClosedOALM 4.5.1-1303/09/2021Fixed
OALMLC-1823UnitsUpdate Unit Communications With Inductions DataImprovementClosedOALM 4.5.1-1403/30/2021Fixed
OALMLC-1830UnitsUnit Sync Unmapped Key-3 Position ErrorBugClosedOALM 4.5.1-210/12/2020Fixed
OALMLC-1857UnitsBSA Unit Data Sync Fails Due To Duplicate UnitsBugClosedOALM 4.5.1-712/10/2020Fixed
OALMLC-1885UnitsAdd Option To Update Member Chapter When Unit Is UpdatedImprovementClosedOALM 4.5.1-1403/30/2021Fixed
OALMLC-1925UnitsCan't Merge Or Delete Unit With ElectionsBugClosedOALM 4.5.1-1403/30/2021Fixed
OALMLC-1884Units - BSA Unit SyncBSA API Returns Empty/Duplicate Key-3 Data For Some UnitsBugClosedOALM 4.5.1-1102/07/2021Fixed
OALMLC-1916Units - BSA Unit SyncDuplicate Key 3 Data In BSA APIBugClosedOALM 4.5.1-1303/09/2021Fixed
OALMLC-1928Units - BSA Unit SyncBSA API Child Organizations API Permission ErrorBugClosedOALM 4.5.1-1303/09/2021Fixed
OALMLC-1959Units - BSA Unit SyncBSA Unit Sync Not Adding Unmatched UnitsBugClosedOALM 4.5.1-1705/11/2021Fixed
OALMLC-1840Units - Static ReportsUnit Of Excellence ReportBugClosedOALM 4.5.1-412/02/2020Fixed
OALMLC-1963UsersAdd Code Expires Message To Member And User Account EmailsBugClosedOALM 4.5.1-1705/11/2021Fixed
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