OA LodgeMaster Users,

On Tuesday, April 20, 2021 the OA LodgeMaster Team enabled the following emails within the Inductions Module.

  • Callout Registration Message
  • Callout Registration Reminder
  • Ordeal Registration Message
  • Ordeal Registration Reminder
  • Ordeal Preparation Message
  • Ordeal Welcome Message From Lodge Chief
  • Message To Ordeal Candidates Who Did Not Show
  • New Member Welcome Message
  • Brotherhood Candidate No Show
  • New Brotherhood Member Welcome

*Note: A change from what was announced on 4/5/2021 - the emails for callout and ordeal registration emails will only be sent if your lodge utilizes the new Inductions Module. This was based on user feedback that we need to ensure that all candidates have been announced. If you are not utilizing the new Inductions Module the first email a candidates would get is the Ordeal Preparation Message after registering for their ordeal.

The following emails will not be enabled until the Brotherhood components of the new member portal are released, which is targeted for mid-May. We had originally announced that the Brotherhood Preparation Message would be enabled as part of update V but are going to release that at a later date. We felt that it was important for the final pieces of the member portal be in place before releasing these emails.

  • New Member Follow-up Message
  • Brotherhood Eligible Message
  • Brotherhood Preparation Message

Users of the Inductions Module should review the Inductions Email Support KB linked below. The KB linked below provides specific details on who emails are sent to, when they are sent, and the sending criteria for each email. Before submitting a support ticket please review the KB linked below as it addresses the most common questions we've received.

Inductions Email Support KB

The OA LodgeMaster Team

What If I Have Questions?
Please submit a ticket on the help desk if you have any questions. You can submit a ticket online (http://confluence.oa-bsa.org/display/OALMLC) or via email at support@lodgemaster.oa-bsa.org. Please do not contact a member of the LodgeMaster team directly.

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