OA LodgeMaster Users,

The OA LodgeMaster Team is excited to announce the immediate release of version 4.3.0! We fixed 26 bugs, made 14 improvements, and added 8 new features! We are very excited to announce the release of the final LodgeMaster 4 module - finance! As of version 4.3.0 we have completely retired the legacy version 3 Silverlight client. Other notable new features include the new Performance Management Program wizard and reports, new non-member capabilities, controls to manage your lodge structure, new event and unit non-member functionality, and the ability to merge address and contact types.

Important notes about the release:

  • The finance module has been migrated to the new LodgeMaster version 4 platform. Users will no longer need to use version 3 to access the Finance Module. Version 4 of the finance module includes updated and simplified screens, mobile optimization, and an easier to learn format.
  • The replacement for Journey to Excellence (JTE), Performance Management Program (PMP), has been released. The new PMP program was announced as the replacement to JTE in June by the National Order of the Arrow Committee. Click here to read more about the change.
  • The Brotherhood waiting period has changed from 10 months to 6 months. All wizards and reports have been updated in the Lodge Client to reflect this change. The change was announced in June by the National Order of the Arrow Committee. Click here to read more about the change.
  • We’ve added a new tool to keep your lodge Key-3 data up-to-date. You will now be get a reminder in the Lodge Client every 3 months to update your Key-3 data. You can also run the tool from the Tools menu in the Members Module. The National Office uses this data for communication with lodges so it’s important to keep this information up to date for your lodge.
  • We’ve made several major changes to the Lodge Structure making it easier to manage overall:
    • We’ve added the ability for lodges to merge areas into other areas. This will allow you to do your own chapter mergers. Merging two chapters is irreversible and changes a lot of lodge data at once. Because of this we’ve added a double confirmation message when merging areas. Use caution when merging records.
    • You can now delete chapters and areas from the Lodge Structure when there are no references to them. This will allow you to delete chapters that are created by mistake during an import or remove areas that are no longer needed. This action is irreversible and cannot be undone.
    • Chapters, areas, committees, and positions within can now be reordered to represent the correct hierarchy of areas and positions in the lodge.
  • We’ve added the ability to merge all contact types. You can now merge types of mailing addresses, emails, and phone numbers. This will allow you to remove old entries and combine types. If the merge function is unable to merge an entry you will get an error with what couldn’t be merged and you can manually update those records. This action is irreversible and cannot be undone. Use caution when merging records.
  • Related to contact types we’ve added ‘Parent’ as a built-in system contact type for both email phone. The new field can be imported, added to the member and event grids and the new field is now a searchable field in the grid. You can also email the new type in events. If you had an existing contact type called ‘Parent’ we’ve merged that into the new system field. If you have a parent/guardian field called something else, you can use the new contact type merge to merge the field into the new system ‘Parent’ field.
  • We’ve completely redesigned how non-members are added and managed. You can now add non-members directly to events and as unit contacts. You no longer need to first add them in the Members Module as a non-member. The old non-member flag and screen will be deprecated and removed in the future – we will announce a timeline in the future.
  • We’ve added duplicate checking when adding and importing new members. The system will now prevent the creation of duplicate BSA IDs. If no BSA ID is input / imported, the program remains unchanged. If an BSA is input / imported, the system now checks if that ID exists already and gives and error and prevents you from adding the duplicate.
  • Administrators can now delete user invites that have not been claimed. This will allow you to clean up your invited user list. We’ve also changed how permissions are assigned. You can no longer add a chapter level permission if the user has the same permission at the lodge level as it is redundant.

Go to to access the online system, and if needed, download the offline version. As always, if you have questions or problems, please submit a request online (

Yours in Brotherhood,

The OA LodgeMaster Team

Release Notes for Version 4.3.0

Ticket ID






Release Date


OALMLC-1593CeremoniesChapter Level Ceremonies PermissionsBugClosedOALM 4.3.0-205/22/2019Fixed
OALMLC-1585Charter & JTEFinish Line Reports Includes Inactive ChaptersBugClosedOALM 4.3.0-104/04/2019Fixed
OALMLC-1598Charter & JTECouncil Designated Support Calculation ErrorBugClosedOALM 4.3.0-205/22/2019Fixed
OALMLC-1633Charter & JTEImplement New Charter / PMP ChangesNew FeatureClosedOALM 4.3.008/07/2019Fixed
OALMLC-1624Common - Grid Membership CardsSkip Card Option On Membership Card BacksBugClosedOALM 4.3.0-307/02/2019Fixed
OALMLC-1512Email - Email ManagerAdd Search Box To Email GridImprovementClosedOALM 4.3.0-205/22/2019Fixed
OALMLC-1590Email - Email ManagerEvent Email Custom Contact Types ErrorBugClosedOALM 4.3.0-104/04/2019Fixed
OALMLC-1445Events - Attendee ManagerMake Event Fees Red If ExpiredImprovementClosedOALM 4.3.0-205/22/2019Fixed
OALMLC-1583Events - Attendee ManagerCandidate Event Statistics Not Accurate During EventBugClosedOALM 4.3.0-104/04/2019Fixed
OALMLC-1623Events - Attendee ManagerEdit Member Button Does Not Work When Grouped in EventsBugClosedOALM 4.3.008/07/2019Fixed
OALMLC-314Events - Attendee ManagerAdd Ability To Have Event Non-MembersNew FeatureClosedOALM 4.3.008/07/2019Fixed
OALMLC-1621Events - Event ManagerTime Changes When Editing EventBugClosedOALM 4.3.0-307/02/2019Fixed
OALMLC-1622Events - Graduation WizardsCan't Set Wizard Dates to Starting Event DayBugClosedOALM 4.3.0-307/02/2019Fixed
OALMLC-1639Events - Static ReportsVigil Counts Inaccurate In Event Summary reportBugClosedOALM 4.3.008/07/2019Fixed
OALMLC-1012FinanceReimplement Finance Module In V4New FeatureClosedOALM 4.3.008/07/2019Fixed
OALMLC-1592InventoryInventory Report Stock Calculation IssueBugClosedOALM 4.3.0-205/22/2019Fixed
OALMLC-1544Members - BSA Verification & ToolsUpdate Verification Checks To Check For Correct CouncilImprovementClosedOALM 4.3.0-205/22/2019Fixed
OALMLC-1629Members - Grid Views & ReportingNot Showing Most Recent Award & Training In GridBugClosedOALM 4.3.0-307/02/2019Fixed
OALMLC-1591Members - ImportUnit Designation Field Not In Import Field OptionsBugClosedOALM 4.3.0-104/04/2019Fixed
OALMLC-1300Members - Member EditorMember Editor Character Limit ErrorImprovementClosedOALM 4.3.0-205/22/2019Fixed
OALMLC-1565Members - Member EditorSimplified Key-3 UpdatingImprovementClosedOALM 4.3.0-205/22/2019Fixed
OALMLC-1588Members - Member EditorEditing Dues Year Resets Next Year ButtonBugClosedOALM 4.3.0-104/04/2019Fixed
OALMLC-1594Members - Member EditorOverseas Address & Phone NumbersBugClosedOALM 4.3.0-205/22/2019Fixed
OALMLC-1595Members - Member EditorChapter Edit Permission - DOB/GenderBugClosedOALM 4.3.0-205/22/2019Fixed
OALMLC-1597Members - Member EditorMember Level Date Validation IssuesBugClosedOALM 4.3.0-205/22/2019Fixed
OALMLC-1608Members - Member EditorUnits Link Icon IncorrectBugClosedOALM 4.3.0-205/22/2019Fixed
OALMLC-1619Members - Member EditorAdd Country List To Country FieldImprovementClosedOALM 4.3.0-205/22/2019Fixed
OALMLC-1630Members - Member EditorDo Not Allow Deletion Of Primary Phone / EmailBugClosedOALM 4.3.0-307/02/2019Fixed
OALMLC-1649Members - Member EditorBSAID Mismatch After Gender Auto FillBugClosedOALM 4.3.008/07/2019Fixed
OALMLC-1632Members - Member ManagerImplement New Brotherhood Timing ChangeImprovementClosedOALM 4.3.0-307/02/2019Fixed
OALMLC-1646Members - OtherPrevent Creation Of Duplicate BSA IDImprovementClosedOALM 4.3.008/07/2019Fixed
OALMLC-1245SettingsAdd Parent / Guardian As Default Phone & Email TypeNew FeatureClosedOALM 4.3.008/07/2019Fixed
OALMLC-1438SettingsChange Read Only Columns To System/PredefinedImprovementClosedOALM 4.3.0-205/22/2019Fixed
OALMLC-1441SettingsBlank Out Default StateImprovementClosedOALM 4.3.0-205/22/2019Fixed
OALMLC-1642SettingsPrevent Category From Being Changed For Contact TypeBugClosedOALM 4.3.008/07/2019Fixed
OALMLC-1237SettingsMerge Address & Contact TypesNew FeatureClosedOALM 4.3.008/07/2019Fixed
OALMLC-1376Settings - Org. UnitsUnable To Delete Areas In New Lodge StructureImprovementClosedOALM 4.3.008/07/2019Fixed
OALMLC-1459Settings - Org. UnitsAllow Org. Units To Be OrderedNew FeatureClosedOALM 4.3.008/07/2019Fixed
OALMLC-1460Settings - Org. UnitsAllow Org. Unit Positions To Be OrderedNew FeatureClosedOALM 4.3.008/07/2019Fixed
OALMLC-1463Settings - Org. UnitsAdd Event Location To Org. Units For ChaptersImprovementClosedOALM 4.3.0-205/22/2019Fixed
OALMLC-1582Settings - Org. UnitsNot All User-Defined Positions Available in Lodge StructureBugClosedOALM 4.3.0-104/04/2019Fixed
OALMLC-949Settings - Org. UnitsMerge Lodge Structure EntriesNew FeatureClosedOALM 4.3.008/07/2019Fixed
OALMLC-1578UnitsUnit Of Excellence Report Doesn't Show Correct Units To SelectBugClosedOALM 4.3.0-104/04/2019Fixed
OALMLC-1584UnitsUnit Contact Disappears When SavingBugClosedOALM 4.3.0-104/04/2019Fixed
OALMLC-395UnitsAdd Contacts Who Are Not MembersNew FeatureClosedOALM 4.3.008/07/2019Fixed
OALMLC-1425UsersDelete User Invitation That Was Never AcceptedImprovementClosedOALM 4.3.0-205/22/2019Fixed
OALMLC-1601UsersDon't Allow Permission Where User Already Has Permission At Higher LevelImprovementClosedOALM 4.3.0-205/22/2019Fixed
OALMLC-1618UsersError Inviting Member Who Already Has A User AccountBugClosedOALM 4.3.0-205/22/2019Fixed
OALMLC-1626UsersCan't Delete User Invitation If Permissions AssignedBugClosedOALM 4.3.0-205/22/2019Fixed

What If I Have Questions?

Please submit a ticket on the help desk if you have any questions - this allows each of the team members to respond as they have time - instead of sending all questions to one member of the development team. You can submit a ticket online ( or via email at

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