Released November 14, 2018

OA LodgeMaster Users,

The OA LodgeMaster Team is excited to announce the immediate release of version 4.1.2! We fixed 72 bugs and made 28 improvements! The LodgeMaster development team has been hard at work fixing the most common user report bugs; and making improvements the most used modules.

Important notes about the release:

  • We’ve improved the 2018 membership card format and added the ability to print selectable fields on the back of the cards.
  • We’ve added the JTE performance worksheet to allow you to see all numbers input and submitted from past years and the current year.
  • We fixed an issue with the Lodge Selector not displaying any lodges after logging in. Users should now be automatically logged into their lodge. If you still cannot see your lodge when you’re logged in do a CTRL + F5. This command clears the page cache and brings back your lodge.
  • We fixed several bugs relating to data export and imports. Fixes include corrected column names on data exports, an issue when importing members and the chapter name was not the same case, and an issue with import file names.
  • Fixed several issues relating to positions. The leadership reports have been updated for version 4 and the new Lodge Structure. Reports now are correctly sorted and return all your current leadership. We fixed an issue when adding new positions within the Lodge Structure, added new errors messages when removing positions from areas, fixed an issue when adding newly created positions to an area. We also fixed the sorting issue when looking at positions in an area in the Lodge Structure.
  • Made several improvements to the Member grid when adding position information. The new Active Positions field in Advanced Filtering allows you to filter based on Position. This new field allows you to create custom views for your LEC and lists of specific positions and send emails, etc.
  • Fixed a couple of calculation errors in the JTE Module relating to youth inductions as well as inactive districts not being counted.
  • We made improvements to the error messages with the Lodge Client. Error message now clearly indicate what the issue is. We have plans to add some more detailed error messages in future updates.
  • Fixed refresh issues in the User Manager. After adding new users, you can see them in the grid.
  • Added search and export functionality to the member status (archived, deleted, deceased) views.
  • Added search functionality to the column chooser.
  • Fixed an issue when filtering columns and the filtered value no longer existed. You can now clear the filter.
  • Added the ability to add and remove ceremony team members.
  • Fixed an issue resulting in custom views not saving the column order.
  • Fixed an issue with middle initial not being printed on membership cards.
  • Fixed a caching issues in Internet Explorer. Users can now use Internet Explorer to access the Lodge Client.

These are just a few of the bugs and improvements made in 4.1.2. Below is the full list of bug fixes and improvements

A couple important reminders and notes:

  • If you are running the offline program and have an older version (version 4.0.2 or earlier), you must upgrade to a newer version. You will no longer be able to sync version 4.0.2 or earlier as of January 3, 2019. More information can be found here.
  • As of January 1st, we’ll be disabling the ability to claim a version 4.0 account based on your version 3.0 username and password. We’ll be removing all the old version 3.0 usernames and password from databases and marking any users that have not claimed a 4.0 account or have an active invitation older than 30 days as deleted.

We’re going to be instituting a couple data retention policies as of January 1st as well:

  • We’ll be removing member change history older than 5 years. We believe that will give everyone enough time to see any changes and who made them on a member while also making sure each lodges database remains optimal.
  • We’ll be keeping sent emails for 5 years as well, so you can go back and clone an old email as a new one and see past sent history. As a subset of this, we’ll be keeping email attachments on messages for two years and we’ll be keeping images in emails for 2 years as well (images will be kept for 2 years from the last used date since images can be kept used in multiple messages).

Go to to access the online system, and if needed, download the offline version. As always, if you have questions or problems, please submit a request online (

Yours in Brotherhood,

The OA LodgeMaster Team,
Chadd, Mike, Rob, and Mike

Release Notes for Version 4.1.2

Bug Fixes

[OALMLC-1194] - Default Lodge Login After Timeout

[OALMLC-1228] - Can't View Report On Mobile

[OALMLC-1234] - Attendee Delete Confirmation

[OALMLC-1247] - Unit Export Column Name Improvements

[OALMLC-1251] - Include Middle Initial On Membership Cards

[OALMLC-1253] - Column Chooser Button Doesn't Update

[OALMLC-1264] - Export Labels To XLS File Error

[OALMLC-1277] - Lodge Structure Position Sort

[OALMLC-1289] - Vigil Committee Prospects View Error

[OALMLC-1295] - Error Adding Members To Events

[OALMLC-1305] - Lodge Structure Refresh

[OALMLC-1320] - Unable To Edit Lodge Wide Event Status

[OALMLC-1321] - Event Summary Report Date Calculation

[OALMLC-1324] - Clan Editor Add Candidate Search

[OALMLC-1325] - Event Check-In Age Calculation Error

[OALMLC-1332] - Member Manager Event List

[OALMLC-1337] - Deceased Members With Valid Current Position Date

[OALMLC-1338] - Deactivated Positions Still Available

[OALMLC-1340] - Issues When Joining Positions To Member Grid

[OALMLC-1342] - Event Manager Payment Type & Amount Paid

[OALMLC-1343] - Separate Pages Per Report Option

[OALMLC-1355] - Event Location Column Chooser

[OALMLC-1378] - Action Links Are Missing From Left Nav Between 400px And 450px

[OALMLC-1380] - Toolbar Disappears Between 1206 and 1224 Pixels

[OALMLC-1382] - Next And Back Buttons Don't Prompt To Save

[OALMLC-1384] - Member Manager Unit Number Filter List

[OALMLC-1388] - Event Views On Mobile Duplicate First Column

[OALMLC-1393] - Vital Statistics Report Error

[OALMLC-1396] - JTE District Calculation Error

[OALMLC-1399] - Login After Timeout Cache Issue

[OALMLC-1435] - Conversion Rate Error

[OALMLC-1436] - Charter Wizard Display Issues On Mobile

[OALMLC-1437] - Header Filtering Dropdown Issue

[OALMLC-1248] - Unit Manager Search Error

[OALMLC-1256] - Cleanup Member Fields - Change Empty Strings To Nulls

[OALMLC-1284] - Fix IE Cache Header Issue

[OALMLC-1335] - Reset View After Empty Filter Dataset

[OALMLC-1432] - Member Grid Views - Dues Related Issues

[OALMLC-1464] - Membership Card Backs Are Incorrectly Sorted

[OALMLC-1465] - Chapter Information Report Failing

[OALMLC-1466] - Adding Positions to Areas

[OALMLC-1467] - Error Adding Positions in Lodge Structure

[OALMLC-1468] - Position Not Showing In Member Editor

[OALMLC-1180] - Edit Account Button

[OALMLC-1282] - Unable To Save Ceremony Team Members

[OALMLC-1303] - Change Minimum DOB Date Requirement

[OALMLC-1311] - Remove Chapter Requirement For Ceremonies Team

[OALMLC-1318] - Unable To Delete Ceremonies Team Members

[OALMLC-1323] - Import Modal Field Column Widths

[OALMLC-1368] - Search Box Does Not Work Under 991 Pixels

[OALMLC-1400] - Unable To Save Vigil Event

[OALMLC-1427] - Deleting Org. Unit Position Error Message

[OALMLC-1471] - Can't Type in 1900 Dates

[OALMLC-1472] - Cleanup All Date Field Usage

[OALMLC-1211] - Import With Blank Phone Number

[OALMLC-1241] - Custom View Columns Reorder On Reload

[OALMLC-1260] - Dues Trend Report Error

[OALMLC-1290] - Attendee Event Notes Are Lost On Subsequent Edits

[OALMLC-1291] - Add Elangomat Member Search Issue

[OALMLC-1296] - Event Refresh After Editing Clans / Generator Doesn't Reset Numbers

[OALMLC-1297] - Unable To Delete Medical Record Date

[OALMLC-1309] - Member Import Not Case Sensitive

[OALMLC-1331] - Capability To Add Non-USA Members

[OALMLC-1334] - Offline Client Causes "Connection Reset" Error

[OALMLC-1346] - Chapter Refresh In Member Manager

[OALMLC-1375] - Event Attendee Grid Ordeal Date Column Update After Running Ordeal Wizard

[OALMLC-1398] - User Manager Refresh

[OALMLC-1475] - Lodge Listing Blank In Launcher

[OALMLC-1476] - Error Saving Event Attendee If Cost Or Payment Method No Longer Exists

[OALMLC-1477] - Error Message If No Event Selected When Adding Event

[OALMLC-1478] - Error Messages In Grid Edit Modals Don't Show

[OALMLC-1479] - Dues Modal Has No Required Field Validation


[OALMLC-380] - Improve Printer Order For Lodge Positions List

[OALMLC-738] - Add Ability To Print Groups For Position Reports

[OALMLC-801] - Vacant Positions On Leadership Roster

[OALMLC-884] - JTE Performance Worksheet

[OALMLC-1159] - Enable 2018 Membership Cards

[OALMLC-1174] - Sort Units Numerically

[OALMLC-1209] - Member Position Static Reports Need To Be Updated

[OALMLC-1254] - Group By Column Show (Blank) For Null/Empty Values

[OALMLC-1279] - Allow Printing Blank Cards

[OALMLC-1354] - OData Query Node Count Maximum

[OALMLC-1439] - Enable Column Chooser Search

[OALMLC-1456] - Reorder Event Manager Context Menu

[OALMLC-1363] - Remove Duplicate Custom Contact Types

[OALMLC-1455] - Add Clear All / Back To Roster Button

[OALMLC-1122] - Event Checkout

[OALMLC-1197] - Export Inactive/Archived Members

[OALMLC-1202] - Add Search Box To Member Special Views

[OALMLC-1266] - Add Event Age As Column Option

[OALMLC-1273] - Change In/Out Buttons To Two Columns

[OALMLC-1448] - Cleanup #2003 Error Message

[OALMLC-1469] - Update Client Code To Save Empty Strings As Nulls

[OALMLC-942] - Set Print Column Widths For New Columns

[OALMLC-1285] - Allow Filtering Of Positions In Grid

[OALMLC-1316] - Event Roster Defaults

[OALMLC-1474] - Add Message If Selectable Data Column Added To Grid

What If I Have Questions?

Please submit a ticket on the help desk if you have any questions - this allows each of the team members to respond as they have time - instead of sending all questions to one member of the development team. You can submit a ticket online ( or via email at

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