Released June 26, 2016

Dear OA LodgeMaster Users,

The OA LodgeMaster team is very happy to announce the release of Version 3.3.7! We've fixed 14 bugs and added 1 new feature - the 2016 charter renewal and JTE forms.

Go to to access the online system, and if needed, download the offline version. As always, if you have questions or problems, please submit a request online (

We also wanted to provide you an update on OA LodgeMaster 4.0, development has taken longer than expected, but we are making significant headway. We'll be providing everyone with an updated release timeline soon once we make a little more progress and better commit to new release dates.

Yours in Brotherhood,
The OA LodgeMaster Team

Chadd Blanchard, Project Lead
Mike Card, Project Adviser
Rob Anstett, Development Lead
Mike Gaffney, Support Lead
Dave Miller, Support Team

What Changed In This Version?

Improvements & New Features

Charter & JTE
[OALMLC-891] - 2016 JTE Data


[OALMLC-871] - Open Links In New Window
[OALMLC-874] - Edits Made To HTML Not Saved Before Sending
[OALMLC-875] - Switching Between HTML/Text And Cancelling Breaks Radio Button
[OALMLC-877] - HTML Mailto Tag Throws Error
[OALMLC-902] - HTML Email Size Error

[OALMLC-876] - Audit Result File In Wrong Format Doesn't Error
[OALMLC-879] - Dues Trend Report Filter Not Working
[OALMLC-900] - Next And Previous Don't Update Registration Audit Result
[OALMLC-901] - Permission To Only Change Contact Data Error
[OALMLC-885] - Service Hours On Last Day Of Event
[OALMLC-905] - Event Import True/False Field Bug
[OALMLC-887] - Error Adding Event Location
[OALMLC-878] - Saturday Missing In Meeting Day Dropdown
[OALMLC-897] - Finance Manager Crashes With View Permission

What If I Have Questions?

Please submit a ticket on the help desk if you have any questions - this will allow each of the team members to respond as they have time - instead of sending all questions to one member of the development team. You can submit a ticket online ( or via email at

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