Released March 7, 2013
Dear OA LodgeMaster Users,
The OA LodgeMaster team is very happy to announce the immediate release of Version 3.0.3! The issues with email sending and approval have been fixed and email functionality is turned on again and ready to use. An error preventing some users from logging in where it looked like the application would cycle through restarting has also been fixed. There were also a number of other smaller fixes in this release along with some small additions, including a quick search drop-down for members in member manager. (For those wondering, we published version 3.0.2 Tuesday evening, and a couple users found one remaining issue with email approval, which we fixed and published version as 3.0.3 before sending the announcement email.)
There are a number of smalled bugs that remain open and we are working through those as fast as possible, and trying very hard to respond back to everyone as soon as possible. Now that things have settled down a little, we'll be getting finance and inventory access turned on to those who requested it, and getting back to those who had installation issues with the offline version.
Go to to access the new online system, and if needed, download the new offline version. As always, if you have questions or problems, please submit a request online (
Yours in Brotherhood,
The OA LodgeMaster Team
Mike (C.), Mike (G.), Mike (P.), Rob (A.), Rob (R.), and Scott (J.)
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