Released December 22, 2010

Dear OA LodgeMaster Users,

The OA LodgeMaster team is happy to announce the immediate release of Version 2.2.1! We've fixed all the open bugs that users reported since the release of version 2.2.0.

Go to to download the update. You don't need to reinstall anything; the update is just over 1 megabyte in size and runs in just a couple seconds.

As always, if you have questions or problems, please submit a request online (

Happy holidays to everyone from the entire OA LodgeMaster team!

Yours in Brotherhood,

The OA LodgeMaster Team
Mike (C.), Mark (S.), Mike (G.), Mike (P.), Rob (A.), Rob (R.), and Scott (J.)

What Changed In This Version?

We've updated the dependencies required for OA LodgeMaster from the Microsoft .NET Framework version 3.5 SP1 to version 4.0 (full profile). The change only affects new installations and will help avoid a number of installation problems users were having because of recent Microsoft updates. You will be automatically prompted to download the dependency installer and install the new version of the .NET Framework if required during new installations or re-installations.

Eleven bugs reported by users were fixed in this release. The detail of the bugs and their related module are below:

#436 Election Date Change Doesn't Update Header
#438 Event Listing Order Incorrect
#430 Disable Position Roster Export To Excel
#439 LEC Sign-in Sheet Chapter Ordering

#431 Troop Team Rep. Report Error

#432 Error Renaming Structure Item
#422 Transaction Edit SQL Error
#434 Delete Finance Structure Items
#435 Add Budget Year To All Reports

#427 Can't Delete Inventory Item
#428 Detailed Inventory Report Error

What's Next In The Development Of OA LodgeMaster?

We've begun discussions as to the next releases for the OA LodgeMaster desktop client and the online portal. Once plans have been finalized, we'll send out an announcement to the mailing list.

What If I Have Questions?

Please submit a ticket on the help desk if you have any questions - this will allow each of the team members to respond as they have time - instead of sending all questions to one member of the development team. You can submit a ticket online ( or via email at

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