Released April 25, 2008

Dear OA LodgeMaster Users, 

The OA LodgeMaster team is happy to announce the immediate release of Version 1.1.2! We've fixed a large number of bugs that users have reported since the last release and some that have been open for a long time. We've also added some new functionality, including a new event report wizard and a number of other event enhancements. Check out the questions and answers below to learn about what is new and fixed in this update.

We'll be working on the small number of bugs that remain open next, and will hopefully have a small release out very soon with those fixes. We'll also let you know in that release announcement what we'll be working on for the next major release.

Go to to download the update. You don't need to reinstall anything, the update is just over 1 meg in size and runs in just a couple seconds.

As always, if you have questions or problems, please submit a request online ( Please don't email or call any of the team members directly - we use the support center to evenly divvy up work and make sure everyone gets answers as quick as possible.

Yours in Brotherhood,

The OA LodgeMaster Team
Matt, Mike (C.), Mike (G.), Mike (P.), and Rob 

What Is Fixed In This Version?

A number of user had a problem using OALM when Office 2007 was installed, that problem has been fixed in this version. (Many users were already provided an update for just this problem when a support request was entered about it, but should run the full update for all other changes.)

A major bug was discovered relating to services hours where the data could be entered and saved without problem and synced with the OALM servers, but the data would not then be synced to other users computers. This problems has been fixed in this version. You may notice all service hour records on the server database will be copied to your computer the next time your sync.

Below is a compilation of the bugs fixed in this release (some minor ones aren't mentioned).

Fixes for the events area (11 total bugs / 4 minor enhancements):
- Error opening event attendee details from inside membership manager.
- Minor labeling fixes.
- Dates and location cut off of event summary report.
- Error storing service hours value on event setup screen.
- Occasional error saving newly created event.
- Error creating new location types.
- Error editing attendee details that causes list to scroll back to top when saving.
- Event role number, not name, displayed when exporting.
- No method on reports of telling who is checked-in or not.

Fixes for the lodge, chapter, or unit areas (16 total bugs / 2 minor enhancements):
- Chapter brotherhood inductions report shows error.
- Error saving unit contacts, and fixes to labeling of a number of fields.
- Labeling fixes for fields on label selector.
- Error where labels are printed for deceased members and non-members.
- Error running candidate report for single chapter.
- Non-dues paid brotherhood induction reports show incorrect information.
- LEC Roster showing positions not marked as LEC.
- Dues not paid labels not selecting correct data.
- Added ability to sort candidate reports.

Fixes for membership manager: (16 total bugs)
- Created and modified fields showing incorrect data (fields temporarily removed).
- Error when deleting induction events on honors tab.
- Error trying to cancel entering a phone number.
- Awards history report not working correctly (multiple bugs).
- Error when saving new entries in membership manager.

Fixes for other areas of the program: (4 total bugs)
- Fixes to the service hours reports.
- Sorting does not work when exporting records to excel.
- Copyright date on opening screen updated.

What Is New In This Version?

There are a couple major enhancements included in this version: 

- A brand new event report wizard is included, replacing most of the other event reports, which allows selecting which information blocks you would like on the report and allowing it to all be printed at once.
- BSA membership audit has been updated. The process had worked, but a change by national caused major errors when importing records from OALM and then loading the results back into OALM. All of these problems have been fixed, the entire process updated, and has been thoroughly tested.
- The event manager interface has been updated throughout, new counts of registered / unregistered have been added, counts have been added to the individual tabs, and more. Elangomats for clans can be changed without rebuilding the clan. Additional information has been added to the attendee detail screen. 

What Isn't Fixed In This Version?

There are currently only 20 remaining bug reports open in the support center, all of which are minor and don't affect many, if more than one, lodges:
- 1 event related (adding a event contact name).
- 3 unit related (editing unit details, adding district field).
- 3 membership report related (vital statistics for prior year, active not dues paid report).
- 3 member manager related (removing a member listed as a unit contact, adding city field to unit drop-down).
- 4 inventory related (adding items, adding transactions to items).
- 3 finance related (new transaction button, treasurer's report).
- 3 other miscellaneous (launchpad random error, minor export error related to commas).

The are only 13 other open support requests, 10 of which related to install issues that we will begin working with users on again and 3 other open questions.

What's Next In The Development Of LodgeMaster Desktop?

In order to improve communication and share ideas between users, we've moved all the open user-requested enhancements online for everyone to see: The team will use this list going forward when selecting projects to work on. Other enhancements can be suggested by opening a support request (don't everyone suggest 5 things today, be sure to use the new version for a while before submitting ideas).

Once the next minor release is complete, in which we hope to close all 20 remaining open bugs, we'll send out an announcement about the teams plans for the next major release. This summer, construction is also scheduled to begin in force on the OALM-Online portal.

What If I Have Questions?

Please submit a ticket on the help desk if you have any questions - this will allow each of the team members to respond as they have time - instead of sending all questions to one member of the development team. You can submit a ticket online ( or via email at

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