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Lodge Configuration

To access the Lodge Configuration:

  1. Pick Settings from the left side navigation menu:

  2. Pull down the Lodge menu at the top and choose Configuration

For the Inductions module to function correctly and for the statistics to be calculated correctly, the following settings (near the bottom) must be correctly set:

  • Membership Start Month
    • This should be set to the month that your membership year starts (the beginning of the year covered by a dues payment)
  • Unit Elections Start Month Relative To Member Year
    • This should be set to the month when your unit elections start each year. This date is set relative to the Membership Start Month. For example, if your dues year matches a calendar year and Membership Start Month is set to 1 for January, then if your unit elections start in October, you would set the Unit Elections Start Month to -3.

Inductions Setup

To access the Inductions module:

  1. Pick Inductions from the left side navigation menu:

To access the Inductions Setup screen:

  1. Choose Inductions Setup from the Actions block on the right hand side of the page:

Documentation in progress - to be continued

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