Updated 3/15/2023

No new policy changes scheduled at this time. 

Effective December 16, 2022


  • Non-Member Member Records
    • Non-member member records will be removed from LodgeMaster and no longer available in the Lodge Client. 
    • Any non-member member added to an event as an event attendee or as a unit contact will be converted to the event and unit specific non-member contacts. 
  • Non-Member Members Linked Event Attendees
    • Non-Member member records added as event attendees will be converted to the new per event non-member attendee record. 
    • Lodges will not notice any changed to event attendees. 
  • Member Linked Unit Contacts
    • All unit contacts linked to a member record will be converted to non-member unit contacts.
    • The ability to link member records to units as a unit contact will be removed. 
    • Non-member unit contacts allow the BSA Unit Data Sync to update unit contacts from BSA ScoutNET. This ensures the unit contact information is as current as possible and in-sync with the BSA. 

Inactive Members 

The legacy Inactive Members flag view will be removed from OA LodgeMaster. Members flagged as inactive will be marked as Deleted after December 16, 2022. 

Effective March 15, 2023


  • OALM ID will be removed from all screens in the LodgeMaster Lodge Client. BSA Person ID will be added in any place where OALM ID was visible and BSA Person ID was not already visible.
  • OALM ID will not be available in the member grid, built-in reports/filters, the member editor, or anywhere else currently available in the LodgeMaster Lodge Client. 
  • BSA ID will replace OALM ID as a single ID between the BSA and the OA. Everyone must be a registered member of the Boy Scouts of America to be an Arrowman thus there is not a need for a separate ID. 
  • If a lodge is using OALM ID in custom views, filters, or external applications you should migrate to BSA ID as soon as possible. 
  • Lodges can import BSA ID from within Members in the Lodge Client. Lodge staff advisers can get a file of BSA Person IDs for all council members and help with matching to OA records and importing into OA LodgeMaster. 

Lodge ID

  • Lodge ID will be completely removed from the Lodge Client. Lodge ID after February 3, 2023 will not be available in the member grid, reports, or filters.
  • Lodge's using Lodge ID on reports, in external applications, and in custom filters should migrate to using BSA ID. 

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