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Below are all known issues that have been reported that have not yet been released. Please note that the release noted may change and the final version may not include all items listed.


Refresh Updated on 04/21/2021 at 10:59 PM

Ticket IDComponentDescriptionTypeStatusReleaseResolution
OALMLC-1926Email - Email ManagerAllow Plus Addressing for EmailsBugOpenOALM 4.5.1 
OALMLC-1824Email - Server TasksChange Email Counts To Be Unique Per Email AddressBugOpenOALM 4.5.1 
OALMLC-1901Email - Server TasksScheduled Emails Sending Before Send Date / TimeBugOpenOALM 4.5.1 
OALMLC-1918InductionsApostrophe Issue In Email Body Content Headers & SubjectBugOpenOALM 4.5.1 
OALMLC-1936InductionsChapter References In Brotherhood Congrats EmailBugOpenOALM 4.5.1 
OALMLC-1937InductionsDisable Election Prep Emails For Units With Visit OnlyBugOpenOALM 4.5.1 
OALMLC-1953InductionsCan't Permanently Delete Member Who Has Induction / Election DataBugClosedOALM 4.5.1-16Fixed
OALMLC-1952Members - BSA Verification & ToolsBSA Verification Output Not DisplayedBugClosedOALM 4.5.1-16Fixed
OALMLC-1956SettingsFix Chapter Merge To Handle New Induction DataBugClosedOALM 4.5.1-16Fixed

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