Below are all known issues that have been reported that have not yet been released. Please note that the release noted may change and the final version may not include all items listed.


Refresh Updated on 10/01/2022 at 9:37 AM

Ticket IDComponentDescriptionTypeStatusReleaseResolution
OALMLC-2099CeremoniesCeremony Attendance Static ReportBugClosedOALM 4.5.2-11Fixed
OALMLC-2101Charter & PMPPrevious Years' Service Hours Show Zero In Finish LineBugClosedOALM 4.5.2-11Fixed
OALMLC-2102InductionsUpdate Text In Regular Unit Followup To Be More ClearBugClosedOALM 4.5.2-11Fixed
OALMLC-2098Portal - UnitsUnit Election Scheduling Allows BackdatingBugClosedOALM 4.5.2-11Fixed
OALMLC-2097Units - BSA Unit SyncBSA Unit Sync Adding +~~ To Beginning of Phone NumbersBugClosedOALM 4.5.2-11Fixed

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