What is OA LodgeMaster?

The Order of the Arrow is a system to help lodges track and manage membership in an easy, yet powerful way. Each lodge is given a database on the Order of the Arrow's LodgeMaster servers.

OA LodgeMaster Features

  • Membership data information storage and searching.
  • Dues payment history and tracking.
  • Tracking of awards, event attendance, training, leadership positions, ceremonies teams, hobbies, skills, and more.
  • Import and export to different file formats.
  • BSA member verification.
  • Built-in and custom reports.
  • Historical data perspective.
  • Journey To Excellence system.
  • Mailing label printing.
  • Multi-user support with permissions.
  • Candidate tracking.
  • Membership card printing.
  • Setup wizard.
  • Mass e-mailer and other communication tools.
  • Secure data storage/transfer.
  • Nightly backup of all data.

How It Works

The following image explains how OA LodgeMaster data is shared between the online and offline versions.

Want to Know More?

For a more in-depth look at the system requirements and features of OA LodgeMaster you can view the LodgeMaster System Description.

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