On Wednesday, January 15, 2020 the OA LodgeMaster team will be updating both the online and offline Lodge Client to version 4.4. Users should expect downtime on Wednesday afternoon while we perform the upgrade. The upgrade to 4.4 will begin at 1:00 PM EST and last approximately 5 hours. In version 4.4 we have made database changes that require you to re-download the offline database. Please read the Offline Client Update Instructions below if you use the offline Lodge Client. You can check the status of the update on the OA status page at https://status.oa-bsa.org. Once the upgrade is complete, we will post an update to the status page. 

Offline Client Update Instructions

Offline Lodge Client users will need to sync before running the offline 4.4 installer. You will receive a warning message in the installer reminding you to sync before installing, this is very important, and you should make sure you have synced any changes before upgrading. Once you install and run version 4.4 your local database will be cleared and then updated with the new database structure and your lodge data will be downloaded again. Please let all your users know this important note. Failure to perform a sync prior to updating to 4.4 will result in the loss of data. The LodgeMaster team is unable to recover lost data. 

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