Welcome to the Order of the Arrow Support and Documentation center!

Thank you for visiting the Order of the Arrow support and documentation center. The new OA Knowledge base and LodgeMaster Documentation and Support sites can be found using the links on the left. The two sites have been merged into one, complete and  comprehensive support center. You can find answers to all your Order of the Arrow questions in the OA Knowledgebase as well as submit new questions to our OA experts. If you are looking for help with LodgeMaster you can find the how-to documentation, support forum, and, FAQ in the LodgeMaster Documentation center.

Important Update

Both the documentation site (confluence.oa-bsa.org) and the support site (jira.oa-bsa.org) have been updated to allow users to login with ArrowID. Use your existing ArrowID account to login to both systems now - your old account will automatically be connected to your ArrowID login if you use the same email address.

Please Note: Because of the updates required to move to ArrowID, if you had previously watched any spaces or pages so you would receive emails when updates were made, you will need to login and add those watches again.

Documentation Site Directory:

Login with ArrowID to favorite and watch pages.

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