Welcome To The OA LodgeMaster Support Center!

This support center contains general information about OA LodgeMaster, documentation for the OA LodgeMaster Lodge Client, plus frequently asked questions and development information. You can also chat with other users in the forums, and if you need assistance and cannot find the answer in the documentation or forums, you can submit a support ticket and someone on the OA LodgeMaster team will be happy to help you.

Available Documentation

The online version of LodgeMaster works in Windows 10 in either Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox (the online version does not work in the new Microsoft Edge browser or Google Chrome, as neither support plugins like Silverlight). The offline version is fully compatible with Windows 10.

Neither Google Chrome nor Microsoft Edge (the new browser that comes with Windows 10) support NPAPI plugins, which includes Silverlight, which is necessary to access OA LodgeMaster. We recommend using Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer to access OA LodgeMaster.

In any date field, you can press the space bar to enter today's date.

See the new Email Documentation for information about new functionality that allows you to send emails to multiple contact types.


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