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Problem:  LodgeMaster 4 currently does not include your custom contact types (such as "Parent" which a lot of Lodges have added) as available choices for the email destination when sending email from an event, only the built-in contact types are available.

Solution: you can work around this by sending the email from the Member Manager instead.

  1. Go to the Member Manager
  2. Click on the Advanced Filtering button
  3. In order to make sure we include everyone registered at the event regardless of dues status, click in the "Dues Years to Include" box and click on Select All.
  4. If you want the email to also include Ordeal Candidates at the event, also choose Yes next to Include Non Dues Paid.
  5. Choose the event in the Event drop down in the Additional Data to Include section.
  6. Back a the top, in the Custom Filter Editor, add a condition for "Event Name is not blank".
  7. Click Apply at the bottom.  Your grid now contains everyone who is registered for the event.
  8. Go to the Grid Data menu and choose Send Email.  The Contact Types box will now allow you to pick your custom contact types.

Additional Filtering Tips

The Event Manager columns are all available in the Custom Filter Editor box with the word "Event" in front of the column name.  So if you want to filter on the Role, you can add a condition using the "Event Role" column, filtering for people who are registered but haven't paid for the event yet can be done with a condition for "Event Paid In Full equals No", etc.

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