To send email to members who have different max dues years:

  1. Go to the Member Manager
  2. Open the Advanced Filtering dialog
  3. Set the Dues Years to Include as appropriate for your target audience (usually either current year only or all of the last few years). You can click inside the "Include Years" box and a menu will pop up with checkboxes for each year.  Check the years you want to include then hit OK at the bottom.  You can use the same trick in the "Exclude Years" for example to send email to people who haven't paid dues yet, you can include the last few years, then exclude the current year to remove people that already paid.
  4. Click Apply at the bottom.  Your grid data now contains the people who paid dues in the years you selected.
  5. Go to the Grid Data menu and choose Send Email

One thing to keep in mind is that you have to be registered with the BSA in order to be in the OA, and people will complain (and have every right to) if we advertise OA stuff to them that they're not allowed to participate in. To exclude people who are not currently registered with the BSA, do the following:

This assumes your Lodge is making use of the BSA Verification feature. Please check with your LodgeMaster Administrator to make sure.

  1. Open the Column Chooser:
  2. In the search box at the top of the column chooser, type in 'bsa', then click and hold on "BSA Active Registration" and drag it into the grid. When you see a blue line between columns, you can let go, and it will add the column in that spot.
  3. Click on the filter pin (see the red arrow below) on the BSA Active Registration column, then pick "Yes", then click OK at the bottom
  4. At this point you should have a list of people who haven't paid dues *and* are still BSA members. Go ahead and start your email.
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