Released November 4, 2013
Dear OA LodgeMaster Users,
The OA LodgeMaster team is very happy to announce the release of Version 3.0.12! We've fixed 50 bugs, made 13 improvements, and added 3 new features - the ability to review and permanently delete members, the ability to re-name and delete saved views, and the ability to track all changes on member records:
- There is a new user permission that, if granted to users, allows them to review a list of all deleted members, and either restore or permanently delete those members.
- There is a new user permission that, if granted to users, allows them to rename or delete saved views. Views that a user created themselves can be renamed or deleted without this permission.
- All users have access to a new tab in member editor called history, which allows users to view a history of all changes made to a member's record going forward.
Go to to access the new online system, and if needed, download the new offline version. As always, if you have questions or problems, please submit a request online (
Yours in Brotherhood,
The OA LodgeMaster Team
Mike (C.), Mike (G.), Mike (P.), Rob (A.), Rob (R.), and Scott (J.)

What Changed In This Version?

[OALMLC-19] - Field Matching Is Case Sensitive
[OALMLC-21] - Grid Report Fields Split Across Page Break
[OALMLC-28] - Portrait Mode For Clan Report
[OALMLC-32] - Refreshing Between Members & Events
[OALMLC-45] - Permission Error Importing Audit Data
[OALMLC-46] - Unable To Close Lodge Setup
[OALMLC-56] - No error when trying to import .xls
[OALMLC-83] - Null References Creating Audit Export
[OALMLC-86] - Incorrect Notes Field Behavior
[OALMLC-112] - Grid Roster Printing Blank Pages
[OALMLC-127] - Exporting Grid With File Open Causes Ambiguous Error
[OALMLC-130] - Member Contact has Uncommitted Changes Error
[OALMLC-135] - Ordeal Wizard Doesn't Set Event Dues Day or Dues Payment Amount
[OALMLC-136] - Display select record while typing in combo box at the top (instead of the bottom)
[OALMLC-158] - Units/Setup Chapter View Only Permission
[OALMLC-163] - Unable to Import Audit Result File (FileSecurityState_OperationNotPermitted)
[OALMLC-164] - Unable to see member name in drop downs with Chapter names
[OALMLC-174] - Scoutnet audit strips out spaces, hyphens, etc.
[OALMLC-175] - Member Import - Submit Operation Failed See Inner Exception
[OALMLC-177] - Deleting a Contact Causes Another Record's Mask to Associate with That records mask
[OALMLC-264] - LEC Roster Displays Chapter When Shouldn't
[OALMLC-266] - Form Of Contact Field Doesn't Allow New Values
[OALMLC-281] - More Than 2 Names In Single Address Cause Strange Results
[OALMLC-282] - Clan Report Display Check Phone Number When Multiple Phone Numbers Exist
[OALMLC-294] - Service Hours Report Inaccessible
[OALMLC-295] - Cannot Delete A Chapter
[OALMLC-299] - Null Reference Exception When Logging In & Out
[OALMLC-302] - Level Dates Being Added as Now() and not as Today()
[OALMLC-313] - Cleanup report parameters usage of DBContext
[OALMLC-359] - Arg_TargetInvocationException When Home First Loads and there are No Dues Records
[OALMLC-360] - Missing Chapter Records on Positions
[OALMLC-361] - When Importing an Audit File A Query Timeout Error Occurs
[OALMLC-365] - Date Entry Fields Inconsistent
[OALMLC-367] - Save Button Does Not Enable in Save View
[OALMLC-369] - Vigil Fields In Individual History Report Mapped Incorrectly
[OALMLC-370] - Unit Leader Report Display Check Phone Number When Multiple Phone Numbers Exist
[OALMLC-371] - Audit Report - Index Length Out of Range
[OALMLC-372] - Event Manager Refresh Button Resets Grid View
[OALMLC-373] - Service Hours Display Incorrectly In Event Grid
[OALMLC-374] - Dues Tab Payment Method Missing Drop Down / Autocomplete
[OALMLC-375] - Callout Wizard Prompts it will Update Brotherhood Date
[OALMLC-376] - Add Clear Button To All Date Fields
[OALMLC-377] - Show All Columns Doesn't Show Name Column First
[OALMLC-378] - Unable to Add Ceremony Role
[OALMLC-379] - Chapter Counts Report Doesn't Match Vital Stats
[OALMLC-383] - Position Drop Down Doesn't Automatically Open and is not Sorted
[OALMLC-386] - Youth Filter Doesn't Show Youth+
[OALMLC-445] - JTE Event Sum Error
[OALMLC-457] - Payment Method Type Ahead
[OALMLC-458] - Event Date Paid Field
[OALMLC-71] - Additional Member Levels In Grid
[OALMLC-199] - Reload all background lists after synchronization
[OALMLC-250] - Add Select/Deselect All To Graduation Wizards
[OALMLC-284] - Chapter Name On Membership Cards
[OALMLC-288] - New Dues Year Does Not Refresh Dues Year List
[OALMLC-304] - Add Youth/Adult Registered/Checkin Counts to Event Manager
[OALMLC-308] - Create Simple Clan List
[OALMLC-323] - Check For Dues Already Paid in Ordeal Graduation Wizard
[OALMLC-385] - Create Vigil Selection Committee Built In View
[OALMLC-388] - Add Callout Date to Import Wizard
[OALMLC-444] - Refresh All Permissions After Changing Current User
[OALMLC-454] - Move / Seperate Member Search Box
[OALMLC-225] - Add Report to Show How Many Times a Member Has Been an Elangomat
New Feature
[OALMLC-141] - Deleted Members List
[OALMLC-321] - Member Change Tracking
[OALMLC-459] - Add Private Editing To Views & Common Permission For Global Editing

What If I Have Questions?

Please submit a ticket on the help desk if you have any questions - this will allow each of the team members to respond as they have time - instead of sending all questions to one member of the development team. You can submit a ticket online ( or via email at


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