Released March 2, 2010

Dear OA LodgeMaster Users,

The OA LodgeMaster team is happy to announce the immediate release of Version 2.1.0! This release brings a long awaited feature to the desktop program: the ability to network computers locally and share data between them. See below for more information on this new and exciting feature. We've also completed 2 other minor enhancements and we've fixed all the open bugs that users reported since the release of version 2.0.2.

Go to to download the update. You don't need to reinstall anything; the update is just over 1 Meg in size and runs in just a couple seconds. As always, if you have questions or problems, please submit a request online (

Yours in Brotherhood,

The OA LodgeMaster Team Mike (C.), Mike (G.), Mike (P.), Rob (A.), Rob (R.), and Scott (J.)

What Has Changed In This Version?

Version 2.1.0 adds the ability to network computers locally without being connected to the internet or synchronizing data. This functionality allows any number of computers can share one database on a local network - just login and click on the Tools tab then click on Remote Connections to start.

One important note: enabling remote connections opens your local database up to the network, and while a double login is required, the risk of a security issue is always possible - we suggest this feature be used on a local network which isn't connected to the internet or on a private firewalled network.

Two other minor enhancements were completed: - The data of birth field on all membership reports was changed to show Youth/Adult instead as displaying dates of birth can be a privacy issue. - A new report was added summarizing service hours completed by individual members over one year.

Over 15 bugs reported by users were also fixed in this release. The detail of the bugs and enhancements and their related module are below:

#330 Error closing event setup form. 
#331 Fee collected column to small in fee summary report.

Membership Manager:
#328 Auto-center the membership manager screen.
#329 Set focus to election date when saving a new member.
#334 Error message when opening a deleted member from launchpad.

#87 Remove date of birth from membership reports.
#332 Vital statistics youth and adult counts are swapped since last release.
#333 Brotherhood eligible report showing incorrect members in specific cases.
#180 Add service hours by member report.

#336 Transaction category doesn't show when editing a transaction.
#337 Cannot remove split.
#338 In split all categories are shown.
#339 All transactions shown in split.

#184 Add ability to network computers locally.
#327 Update about screen.
#335 Update error message logic to prevent program freezes.
#325 Disable launchpad member selection boxes if user does not have membership access.
#324 Error selecting event in auction manager.

#326 Update EULA to 2010.
#340 Add reminder to close program to update installer.

What's Next In The Development Of OA LodgeMaster?

For the desktop client, we are working on a couple of major enhancements which should be released around April 1st: ceremonies manager and an updated inventory manager.

For the online portal, we're working on a number of minor enhancements to the membership reporting tool, and later this year, will begin building additional modules for the portal.

We're also working on updating the support center and preparing the new documentation website. 

What If I Have Questions?

Please submit a ticket on the help desk if you have any questions - this will allow each of the team members to respond as they have time - instead of sending all questions to one member of the development team. You can submit a ticket online ( or via email at

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