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On March 7, 2017 Mozilla released Firefox version 52.0 removing support for Microsoft Silverlight. Order of the Arrow LodgeMaster is built on Microsoft Silverlight and requires Silverlight to run in a web browser. As of March 7, 2017, LodgeMaster no longer runs in Firefox. Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge (the default browser in Windows 10) do not support Silverlight. Until the release of LodgeMaster 4, users will be required to run LodgeMaster in Internet Explorer (Windows users only), Safari (Apple users only) or Firefox 52.0.1esr. On Windows 10, Internet Explorer can be found under Windows Accessories in the application list in the Windows Menu. Firefox 52.0.1esr is Mozilla’s Extended Support Release (ESR) version which supports Microsoft Silverlight. We do not recommend downloading and installing previous release versions of Firefox. Please use the link below to download and install Firefox 52.0.1esr. If you have questions, please submit a support ticket by sending an email to: We apologize for any confusion this may have caused. We are looking forward to the release of LodgeMaster 4 later this spring.

Firefox ESR Download:
LodgeMaster Documentation:
Online Support Center:

Chadd Blanchard, Project Lead
Michael Card, Project Adviser

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